Sunday, November 2, 2014

Johnny Angel's 6.5 out of 10

For our next review it brought us to Johnny Angel's.  We received a few suggestions from people to check this place and their burger.  Before we go into the burger just let me tell you that this is a place to see.  I felt like going back into a time warp into the 'Back to the Future' and showing up into the 50's.  I love that.  The entire atmosphere in there was very entertaining.  But enough of the hype going into the real reason why we were there.  They have a nice selection of burgers, from your James Dean to your Atomic burger.  I picked the Heavy Chevy which comes with chili which is also a challenge by itself for restaurants to make enjoyable to eat.  Anyway, here is what was served as the Heavy Chevy as the presentation.  Before I get into the specifics let me just mention that we also ordered the onion rings which I'm a huge fan off, if they are done correctly. Believe me, there are many restaurants that can't make onion rings or even french fries correctly and in other words are shyte.  I have to say, they probably made the best onion rings I have had so far.
They were awesome, huge, perfectly cooked, tasty, so worth getting.  But enough of that, lets look at the burger.  The burger was perfectly cooked how I ordered it.  The chili on top was by the best alright. I spent many years in Texas and got spoiled for having awesome chili.  So in this case,  wish it would have been better. Actually I have to say that the burger was good, but not where I would go, out of the ordinary.  I felt that it lacked a lot of seasonings in the meat.  Even the chili was kinda of blahhh.  Was OK, not bad, but was missing something, if you know what I mean.  Same for the burger, it was OK.  Now, if you take this burger with the combination of the atmosphere, the fries and the onion rings.  Sure, I would order it again.  Great place to hang out and enjoy the surroundings.  But because we are doing a burger review here.  Would I come here just for this burger, sadly I would have to say no.  I know my partner in crime has a bit of a different view on his burger that he received and his review is coming next.

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