Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kickbacks Gastropub 9 out of 10

Our next hunt for the best burger in Jacksonville brought us to Kickbacks Gastropub located at 910 Kings st.  First off I have to say that this is the second time we visited this establishment.  The reason is actually shocking. We couldn't believe they could repeat what they served us the first time.  Also at this time we didn't have this blog yet, so we had two reason to visit there again, take pictures of the Burger plus to see if they can wow us again.  They did.  I was so impressed the first time that I thought, maybe I was to hungry the first time or it was just a lucky hit.  No it wasn't.  Kickbacks, has one of the best burgers I ever tasted.  You would not expect such a great burger from a place that concentrates mostly on their selection of beer.  But let me tell you.  If you want some tasty burger, you have to check this place out.  Now let me get more into the details of the burger.  I think you can just see from the picture (which I had to make a little larger so you can really enjoy the view) alone that this looks like the perfect Hamburger.  Just as good as it looks it tastes.  All of our burgers were cooked perfectly to what we ordered.  The onion rings, which are really a onion wedge was a nice twist to the entire experience.  The bacon was crispy and not greasy, the letters opps lettuce tasted fresh (Insider Burgergeek joke).  The fries were perfectly done and the service was friendly and all around great.  The price was reasonable what you expect for a burger.  I have been thinking of anything negative I can say about this experience or the experience from our past visit and I can't find anything.  Just writing this blog and thinking about this Burger again, makes me hungry for one. Yes people, that burger was that good.  Now why didn't they get a 10 you might ask.  Well,  I've been thinking about this for a few days now.  What would make that 10 Burger in my eyes.  I think even though this burger stands out so much, I'm still missing that OH my God, I'm in Burger Heaven outburst.  I didn't get that, close, but no cigar.  But with all this said,  I highly recommend this place if you want one tasty out of this world Burger.  Enjoy and make sure you don't eat to many, so they have one left when I get back there, because I'm for sure going back there again and again and again........

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Loop 6 out of 10

Our recent hunt brought us to the Loop, located at 2014 San Marco Blvd.  I've heard many good things about the loop and their burgers.  I think last year they made best burger in Jacksonville by the newspaper.  Again my hopes were high going into this.  I think I need to stop working myself up on things that I hear about restaurants and wait until I actually taste what they have.  Let me mention again that the opinions I put on this blog are mine only and my other Burgergeeks might not agree with my assessment.
With that said lets get to the meat of things sorte say.  First a little to the restaurant.  For me it was the first time at the Loop and I got the impression of a fancy fast food restaurant.  Ordering your food upfront and then finding your seat gave me that impression.  Nothing wrong with that setup during lunch, because you want your food fast.  The food was fast, I think we waited around 10 min and our little device blinked to tell us to pick up our burgers.  My burger was a regular burger with grilled mushrooms and steak fries.  My first impression picking up the plate was about the fries.  I was like, where the heck did they find those potatoes to make these fries, they were huge.  Compared to the fries the burger looked tiny as you can see from the picture.  Now, I ordered my burger medium as I always do.  First impression taking a bite and looking at the meat, it was perfectly cooked.  I was a bit disappointed at the mushrooms.  They for sure looked and tasted like they came from a can.  The lettuce and onions looked and tasted fresh. Of course now you must wonder, well, everything he is saying sounds good why the low score.  Well, here is my problem with it.  Going to the loop and knowing it was voted best burger in Jax I wanted to be wow'ed.  That didn't happen.  It was a good burger, but I was really missing the, wow factor, the out of the norm factor.  It was just not there.  Don't get me wrong, I would recommend this burger if you want your normal good burger.  Would I vote this the best burger in Jacksonville.  I don't think so.  I have not found the burger yet that knocks my socks off where I would go, this is the best burger in Jax.  So for the Burgergeeks, the hunt continues.............

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