Monday, November 11, 2013

We are back! Bonefish restaurant 8.5 out of 10

We're back. After a while the burgergeeks are back in business. Our first challenge after our break is the bonefish restaurant. They offer their American Kobe Burger. As you can see from the pictures, this was a picture perfect burger. Just looking at it made your mouth water.

As we all know, even though a burger looks good, that doesn't make it delicious. Now for the taste test. First look at the burger I wished it was more medium than well cooked, even though, it looked very juicy. Now to the first bite. Yup it was very good. The meat was very juicy, all the incredients tasted fresh and well balanced on the burger. So overall the question is would I come back just for the burger. I think I would, not to forget their service was also excellent and their bang bang shrimp, just yum. So yes, my rating would be a 7 out of 10, as always I was missing the wow factor. The one item that makes this burger go above all others.

Michael R.

After a several months on hiatus, we are back on the hunt for great burgers. Our latest stop is Bonefish Grill on San Jose Blvd.. What, you say? We'll, we've been hearing that the burger is really good, so we're here. Besides, they have Bang Bang shrimp for appetizer. I ordered the "American Style" Kobe beef burger, with cheese, cooked medium.

My burger arrived fresh and hot and nicely presented with fries (it's usually served with housemade chips, but I'm about traditional and this is the American Style burger after all). I tried a piece of the burger and it was cooked perfectly, still juicy and had a nice charbroiled flavor. The brioche bun was toasted, the tomato, lettuce and onion were fresh and cool, not warm and wilted. I really enjoyed the combination of flavors, and liked the burger very much. Using my 10 point rating system, I give the burger 3 out of 3, the bun 2 out of 3, and the toppings 3 out of 3, no extra point for the "Wow" factor. The totals score is 8. A solid score for a well executed tasty burger. Nice job Bonefish Grill!

Michael B.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Longhorn 9 out of 10

My fellow BurgerGeeks may disagree with my rating, but I found this burger to be as close to perfection as a burger can be.    I debated giving it a 10; but, perhaps my ultimate burger is yet to be experienced.  On to the review.   Often, I have been to Longhorn for a steak.   Going for the express purpose of ordering a burger was a new concept.    I chose the Bacon and Cheddar Burger cooked medium well.  It arrived just as ordered: slightly pink in the middle.   The bacon, which covered the surface of the burger, was crispy not chewy.   Just as the menu promised, the cheese had been melted onto the burger not laid across at the last moment.  That it arrived hot, not lukewarm, was an added bonus.     Initially, I tried a bit of the burger patty without any of the toppings.   As with TGIFs, I wanted to know if the burger would stand on its own.   Much to my taste buds' delight, it definitely did.   I would enjoy this burger without the bun and without any toppings.   It was seasoned much like the Renegade Steak.   I could tell that it was made with quality beef.  And, inspite of my preference for beef that doesn't 'moo' at me from the plate, it was juicy - as juicy as the burgers of my fellow BurgerGeeks who prefer the 'moo'.     I savored each bite of this burger.  When I'm much older and am no longer able to chew a steak, I would order this burger as an excellant substitute. Using the burgergeek drive scale, if I really had a hankerin' for a quality burger, I definitely would drive 5 miles out of my way to get this one.   - Becky

Yeeehhaaaa Longhorn here we come.  This was another place that I looked forward too.  I though to myself, well, they can make steaks, how can you mess up a burger if you know how to do a steak.  Well, they didn't disappoint.  Even though, there was the wow factor missing for me, but the burger made up for it in taste.  This burger was great, juicy, perfectly cooked.  Everything tastes fresh and well presented.  The staff is always friendly at Longhorns, so nothing to complain there.  The fries were good, so I have to agree with Becky on this one.  I would have to rate them as well a 9 out of 10.  You want a great tasting burger, this place is where you find it.
It just shows me again, it doesn't take a genius to make a good tasting burger.  The meat was very well spiced, you could taste that this one came right off the grill.  I'm still surprised how perfectly it was done.  Let me explain what I mean there.  If you order a medium, you get most of the time the middle being pink.  Well not this one.  It was all pink except the outer end.  Just how I prefer it.  Again, this is just me.   I like my meat a little bloody.  I know what some of you might say, meat should be cooked all the way to make it safe.  Well, guess I like to live on the edge when it comes to food.  But enough of that, go check out that burger, you will not regret it.  I would even take a drive to get that burger.  Great now I'm getting hungry for one, but we are still searching for the best burgers in Jacksonville.  So little time, so many burgers to test.  Hidiho on to the next burger we go..........

Mike R.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Highest rated Burger Restaurants plus #26 in Urban spoon rater leaderboard

Here is the visual map to the highest rated Burger Restaurants we reviewed so far.
Thanks yelp for providing that great visual tool.

Also #26 on urbanspoon blogger leaderboard. Thanks everybody for checking out our reviews.

The BurgerGeeks Jacksonville restaurants

Olio 9 out of 10

Today our search took us in the middle of Jacksonville downtown area.  We visited Olio, located at 301 E. Bay Street.  Right away I have to say, the restaurant gave out a European flavor and felt different.  The staff was very friendly and was ready to help with any kind of special requests we had to the burger.  Well lets see how they done.  As you can see the burger looked great in the presentation with the fries in the paper cup. My little addition to the wow factor was to have them put a egg on it sunny side up.  Yes I know, some of you might go, ewwww, how can you.  Well, you better try it, because it tastes awesome if done right.  I have to say, Olio did it right. The burger tasted very good.  Good enough that I would take a drive just to get their burger.  Everything tasted fresh and the bun was right on the money as well.   I would have to put them into my high category of the voted 9's when it comes to burger reviews.  Excellent job Olio, keep it up.  But, we are still hunting for the best burgers in Jax, so many to taste, so little time. On we go, its a dirty job, but somebody has to do it..............
Mike R.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cruisers Grill 1 out of 10

No I didn't put up the wrong rating on that one.  You did read right.  Our first 1 rating from all the places we reviewed.  I'm still shocked I had to give this low of a rating.
 Lets get to the meat of it all.  Our search brought us to Cruisers Grill.  I'm sure some of you in Jacksonville heard about Cruisers Grill and that they made a local news papers number 1 slot for best burger in Jax.  I was looking forward to visiting this place for a few months now.  I was also informed that they made another article in the recent week being voted as the one of the best burger places in town.  Well, I was excited to test them out.
As some of you already know I always look for the wow factor in burgers.  The ones that are different from a regular burger.  The other burgergeeks stick to the normal ones and they will have their own rating on these.  So, when I sat down and saw the sign, Burger of the week, deep fried I was all fired up.  As you remember, the Bubba Burger deep fried burger was awesome.  So, of course I had to order it.  Now as you can see from the picture I was a little set back when it arrived.  My first impression of just the look was, 'oh my, this looks like an old shoe sole'.  But I thought, well, looks can be deceiving, so I went or it.  My first thought taking a bite was, no way, they must be kidding.  If they would have deep fried the shoe sole I'm sure it would have tasted better.  OMG, in one word I have to say:  This burger was total shyte.  I really try not to slam any kind of restaurant even if I'm not impressed with their burger.  But this was not a burger but some meat they thought, lets throw this into hot oil and deep fry it and it will be good, as they say, everything deep friend is good.  Hellll no it isn't.  This was a perfect example it wasn't.  There was no batter on it, nothing, just a bunch of ground beef that they deep fried.  I think if you just click on the image of it and view the close up you can see what I'm saying.  I also have to say that the fries were alright.  Seemed to me not cooked long enough and tasted a little raw on the inside.
Now the other burgergeeks had their regular burgers and they said that they were alright, but in no way could they call this top winner of burgers in Jacksonville.  I think the no named newspaper should look at some of our reviews and make a better decision on who has the best burger in Jax.  For sure, this place does not.  I'm so disappointed.
Well, what can I say, the hunt continues........


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Metro Dinner 3 out of 10

Our hunt brought us to Metro Diner.  There are a lot of interesting dishes at the establishment.  I hate to say though that the burger was not one of them.  Not sure where to start on this one.  I was so hopping this was home made burger that would blow my sucks off sorte say.  As you can see from the picture it didn't even look to impressive.  Even though I got the patty melt style which I was hopping was the wow factor.  It wasn't.  Now, it did have an alright taste, but as I said.  An alright taste, nothing where I would go, OMG I have to come back again for this one.  I know we reviewed already so many places and I might be looking for to many things by now.  But as our goal is to find the best Burger in Jax, this was not a winner.  As you can see from the picture, the presentation wasn't that impressive.  I think you know what I'm saying just looking at the picture.  The cheese wasn't melted all the way.  The meat itself has an alright taste, it had some spices in it.  The fries were alright as well.  Nothing to write home about.  Sadly, this is it for that review.  I do have to admit though, some of their other food looked awesome.  I will come back, but not for their burgers.
The hunt again continues......

Mike R.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TGIF 5 and 5 out of 10

I can almost hear the groans of discontent coming from  TGIFriday's fans.  My rating is not a reflection on the restaurant.  It is strictly about the burger.  On the recommendation of another burger geek, I ordered the Jack Daniel's burger.    It is served with your choice of the standard burger toppings as well as cheese, bacon, and an awesome Jack Daniel's sauce - which comes on the side.   In my opinion, the sauce definitely makes this burger.  I'll explain.  Immediately, I noticed that the shape and size of everybody's burger was identical - no variation.   As a national chain striving for consistency, they hit the bull's eye.  The bacon, which was lying cross-crossed on the melted cheese, was neither underdone nor overdone.    My first taste of the sauce was on a french fry.   I was pleasantly surprised as it didn't taste anything like I was expecting it would based on the name.   It was sweet without a hint of pungent alcohol that I was expecting.   I ordered the burger well done.  It came as ordered and wasn't dried out or burnt.   As I took my first bite with the sauce, I was impressed with how good the burger was.  However, after a few more bites, I had to know if it was only the sauce that impressed me.  So, I tried a bite of burger only.  That's when I knew it's all about the sauce.  The burger standing on its own was very bland.  After that minor let down,  I realized that the entire meal was, at best, lukewarm.   Without the sauce, this would have been like any other chain's burger.   And, that is why I rate it a 5.   No, I wouldn't drive 5 miles out of my way to have this burger; but, I would definitely recommend it to friends.
I would have to say, I was looking forward to testing this Burger.  One of our other geeks was very impressed with this burger when he gotten it before.  A Jack Daniel's burger, how can you go wrong with that title in it? Well, I hate to disagree with my brother in crime, but I wasn't to impressed with the burger.  The BBQ sauce was outstanding.  It made the entire burger.  Without it though, the burger tasted pretty ordinary. Tasted like there were no spices used for it.  Now, TGIF did a great job on that BBQ addition to the hamburger.  I think you could put this on anything and it would taste fantastic. In this case I voted for a 5 out of 10, the reason being, that the addition of the BBQ sauce made that burger and for sure worth trying.  As Becky mentioned though, I wouldn't take a drive just to go there to get it.  Also one of the things that always gets me in restaurants.  If you cook the burger all the way, then don't ask me how I would like it.  If I say medium, it should be and not cooked all the way.  The hunt continues.........

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