Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Dudes 3.5 out of 10

Here we are trying a seafood eatery for their burger. It was not because we didn't find any other burger place, but getting recommendations to see the two dudes for a great burger. 
Sadly it didn't go as well as we thought. I was looking forward to this, because I saw on the menu that they had a burger topped with hot dogs and chili. Now, all of us that BBQ know, it is great to have burgers and hot dogs together, on their own, but together. Well, this restaurant had it and I thought, what a great combo, his has to be good.
Lets get to the review. I ordered the Atlantic beach, which they call the turtle burger. A combo between 8oz ground chuck, topped with grilled hot dogs and chili. Yeah, what a combo. This has to be good. I ordered my burger medium as I always do and the first thing that I check if they got the order right. No, right from the get-go, a strike against them.
The burger was well done and I realized when I cut into it, it looked very plain like regular hamburger meat with no spices in it.  But I thought, well, looks might be wrong, so here we go. I tasted it. I expected to be overwhelmed with all those different flavors in one, burger, dogs, chili and was waiting for the explosion. hmmmm, I'm still waiting. Let me make this short and right to the point. The meat had no spices in it, the hot dogs were alright, the chili was very plain too. Oh wait, there was cheese on it as well. I'm not a cheese person and forgot to tell them to keep it off. Didn't matter because I didn't taste it. I was afraid I was losing my taste that day, but I wasn't. My partner in crime was the same opinion. It wasn't a bad burger, good size and great price for what you get. But I wish they would do more with spices. So in my review I would have to give them a 3 out of 10. My partner is giving a bit higher rating, that is why the average is 3.5.
On a side note to the review, we also tried their shrimps and they were awesome. Great size and great taste. Their fries were also great. Would I go back for a burger. Doubt it. For seafood, absolutely. In my opinion, the burger could be great if they pay more attention to what people order and add more spices to their meat.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blind Rabbit 10 out of 10

Our next visit brings us to Blind Rabbit on Kings Street.
We've received numerous messages from people to try it.  Well, we did.  For sure we hit the right spot for a burger.  Let me just get the entire review into one word.  It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  As you can see from the menu there are a few burgers to choose from. 
I went for the one that I thought was the one with a twist, so I decided on the
The Holick Burger'.  I don't think I've seen a burger yet that was combined with a braised pork belly. Well here we go. The burger looked great when it arrived.  Of course I ordered it medium cooked as always and first test is to test that.  Bingo, right on the money.  Was perfectly cooked.  This was such a strange combo with that pork belly when I bit into this.  Combine this with the egg (which I love eggs on burgers anyway), not to forget the Arugula and the bread and butter pickles.  Well, let me just say this.  What a great delight of all those different mixtures of tastes put together.  It was like an explosion in your mouth.  Wow, what a great combo of tastes.  For some strange reason they all fit together and to add that it for sure made it out of the norm burger taste. 

The meat was so flavor full, perfectly spiced and was so full of that oh so good juice that we all love. The fries were cooked perfectly as well, not greasy at all.  For my taste there was a bit to much sea salt on them, but for others might taste perfect.  Just as a side note, make sure you order their special catsup, it was something to taste.  Great spicy addition.

  It was a real delight and for me it had that wow factor from the moment I took my first bite into it.  I highly recommend if you want some awesome burger to check this place out.
I'm very pleased how lately we are finding more places that really know how to make a burger and show pride in making a burger.  Would I take the drive to this bar to get a burger, not only yes, but hell yes.  Awesome job Blind Rabbit, don't change what you are doing with those burgers.

I'm starting to really enjoy our burger reviews in Jacksonville, they are getting better and better.  But we are not giving up to find even better ones.  So the search continues.......

The BurgerMeister
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crazy burger recipe challenge: Beer Can Burger from the BBQPitBoys from Youtube

We added a new challenge to the burgergeeks.  We are trying to duplicate the craziest recipe for burgers we can find. Our first test is the BBQPitboys Beer can burger.  Please check out our Facebook page to see how we got there. Burgergeeks facebook