Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheesecake factory 8 out of 10

The Cheesecake factory was our next target for doing a burger review.  They are located at the Town-center. Personally I have been looking forward to this for a while now.  One of the reasons was that I heard they had a Kobe burger.  Let me get right to the meat of things sorte say.  First impressions of the restaurant of course is grandiose, very clean, very elegant even though it does have a little flair of 'elegant fast food setup'.  What I mean by this, was the feeling, sit down, order, eat and get out so the next customers can sit down.  With that said, lets look at our burger experience.  Right from the start I have to say the burger looked great.  Everything looked fresh, well presented. Cutting open the burger was perfectly cooked just how I ordered it.  Now, here comes the important part.  Was my first bite the wow factor that I expected.  Well, yes and no.  I was looking for that, oh my God, this is Kobe meat.  The cows that are feed only the best and from what I've seen on TV being massaged to make the meat nice and juicy.  Hmmm, maybe I was expecting someone to come by and massage me while I'm eating this.  I really don't know what I expected.  But, it didn't happen. I tried very hard to find a difference in burgers I had before to this one and I couldn't find one.  Now for the overall taste of the burger I have to admit.  That was one great tasting burger.  It was juicy, well seasoned, perfectly cooked.  Everything a burger should have.  Did I taste anything different?  Sorry to say, I didn't.  As from some of our previous reviews you can get some great tasting burger from regular beef.  Would I recommend this burger to someone?  Absolutely.

 It was a great, great burger.  One of best I had and for this they get a high score.  Again, I'm missing the wow factor, that makes it stand out from the rest.  That it lacked a bit.  Would I go and have another one of those.  Well, if I'm in the neighborhood, sure.  Would I take a drive there just for the burger, probably not.  Lucky for us Burgergeeks it just means, the hunt continues, for the holy grail of Burgers.....

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