Monday, July 2, 2012

Southern Grill 9 out of 10

Our search brought us to the Southern Grill located at 800 Flagler Ave. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes which one of them is a burger and that is why we are here.
Let's get right into the review, shall we. As you can see from the picture the burger arrived like what you expect the typical American burger to look like. It looked perfect.
Just the smell alone coming to the table made your mouth water. I was shocked taking my first bite how good it tasted. It was perfectly cooked exactly how I wanted it. Everything tasted fresh, homemade, cooked fresh. I think we all were shocked how good this burger tasted. The size was perfect. Not to forget the fries, fitted perfectly and tasted great as well. The only thing that was missing was that shake to make it the 'American perfect meal'.

If you are looking for a great hamburger then this is the place to try, highly recommend it. Hmmm actually thinking going back for another one........

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