Sunday, June 17, 2012

Harpoon Louies 7 out of 10

Our best burger in Jacksonville brought us to Harpoon Louie's located at 4070 Herschel street.

I was looking forward to this, because I had a few people recommending this place to us. So let's get right to the burger. Out of our group I'm mainly the one who is looking for that wow factor, meaning, what can I put on it or order that makes it different.

As you can see from the picture I got it loaded up in addition to chili all over my fries.

This was a good burger. It had good taste and was what you are looking for in a burger. Now of course we are not looking for the average burger, but for the ones that stand out. Did this one stand out? Well, it was good all around, but didn't stand out.
As one of the burgergeeks uses this for giving his rating. Would I eat a burger here if I'm here, yes. Would I drive here for just the burger, no. So in short do we recommend it? Yes. You won't be disappointed. Is it the best burger in Jacksonville? No.

The search continues.....

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