Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TGIF 5 out of 10

I can almost hear the groans of discontent coming from  TGIFriday's fans.  My rating is not a reflection on the restaurant.  It is strictly about the burger.  On the recommendation of another burger geek, I ordered the Jack Daniel's burger.    It is served with your choice of the standard burger toppings as well as cheese, bacon, and an awesome Jack Daniel's sauce - which comes on the side.   In my opinion, the sauce definitely makes this burger.  I'll explain.  Immediately, I noticed that the shape and size of everybody's burger was identical - no variation.   As a national chain striving for consistency, they hit the bull's eye.  The bacon, which was lying cross-crossed on the melted cheese, was neither underdone nor overdone.    My first taste of the sauce was on a french fry.   I was pleasantly surprised as it didn't taste anything like I was expecting it would based on the name.   It was sweet without a hint of pungent alcohol that I was expecting.   I ordered the burger well done.  It came as ordered and wasn't dried out or burnt.   As I took my first bite with the sauce, I was impressed with how good the burger was.  However, after a few more bites, I had to know if it was only the sauce that impressed me.  So, I tried a bite of burger only.  That's when I knew it's all about the sauce.  The burger standing on its own was very bland.  After that minor let down,  I realized that the entire meal was, at best, lukewarm.   Without the sauce, this would have been like any other chain's burger.   And, that is why I rate it a 5.   No, I wouldn't drive 5 miles out of my way to have this burger; but, I would definitely recommend it to friends.
I would have to say, I was looking forward to testing this Burger.  One of our other geeks was very impressed with this burger when he gotten it before.  A Jack Daniel's burger, how can you go wrong with that title in it? Well, I hate to disagree with my brother in crime, but I wasn't to impressed with the burger.  The BBQ sauce was outstanding.  It made the entire burger.  Without it though, the burger tasted pretty ordinary. Tasted like there were no spices used for it.  Now, TGIF did a great job on that BBQ addition to the hamburger.  I think you could put this on anything and it would taste fantastic. In this case I voted for a 5 out of 10, the reason being, that the addition of the BBQ sauce made that burger and for sure worth trying.  As Becky mentioned though, I wouldn't take a drive just to go there to get it.  Also one of the things that always gets me in restaurants.  If you cook the burger all the way, then don't ask me how I would like it.  If I say medium, it should be and not cooked all the way.  The hunt continues.........

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