Monday, October 1, 2012

Olio 9 out of 10

Today our search took us in the middle of Jacksonville downtown area.  We visited Olio, located at 301 E. Bay Street.  Right away I have to say, the restaurant gave out a European flavor and felt different.  The staff was very friendly and was ready to help with any kind of special requests we had to the burger.  Well lets see how they done.  As you can see the burger looked great in the presentation with the fries in the paper cup. My little addition to the wow factor was to have them put a egg on it sunny side up.  Yes I know, some of you might go, ewwww, how can you.  Well, you better try it, because it tastes awesome if done right.  I have to say, Olio did it right. The burger tasted very good.  Good enough that I would take a drive just to get their burger.  Everything tasted fresh and the bun was right on the money as well.   I would have to put them into my high category of the voted 9's when it comes to burger reviews.  Excellent job Olio, keep it up.  But, we are still hunting for the best burgers in Jax, so many to taste, so little time. On we go, its a dirty job, but somebody has to do it..............

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