Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cruisers Grill 1 out of 10

No I didn't put up the wrong rating on that one.  You did read right.  Our first 1 rating from all the places we reviewed.  I'm still shocked I had to give this low of a rating.
 Lets get to the meat of it all.  Our search brought us to Cruisers Grill.  I'm sure some of you in Jacksonville heard about Cruisers Grill and that they made a local news papers number 1 slot for best burger in Jax.  I was looking forward to visiting this place for a few months now.  I was also informed that they made another article in the recent week being voted as the one of the best burger places in town.  Well, I was excited to test them out.
As some of you already know I always look for the wow factor in burgers.  The ones that are different from a regular burger.  The other burgergeeks stick to the normal ones and they will have their own rating on these.  So, when I sat down and saw the sign, Burger of the week, deep fried I was all fired up.  As you remember, the Bubba Burger deep fried burger was awesome.  So, of course I had to order it.  Now as you can see from the picture I was a little set back when it arrived.  My first impression of just the look was, 'oh my, this looks like an old shoe sole'.  But I thought, well, looks can be deceiving, so I went or it.  My first thought taking a bite was, no way, they must be kidding.  If they would have deep fried the shoe sole I'm sure it would have tasted better.  OMG, in one word I have to say:  This burger was total shyte.  I really try not to slam any kind of restaurant even if I'm not impressed with their burger.  But this was not a burger but some meat they thought, lets throw this into hot oil and deep fry it and it will be good, as they say, everything deep friend is good.  Hellll no it isn't.  This was a perfect example it wasn't.  There was no batter on it, nothing, just a bunch of ground beef that they deep fried.  I think if you just click on the image of it and view the close up you can see what I'm saying.  I also have to say that the fries were alright.  Seemed to me not cooked long enough and tasted a little raw on the inside.
Now the other burgergeeks had their regular burgers and they said that they were alright, but in no way could they call this top winner of burgers in Jacksonville.  I think the no named newspaper should look at some of our reviews and make a better decision on who has the best burger in Jax.  For sure, this place does not.  I'm so disappointed.
Well, what can I say, the hunt continues........


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