Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hooters 4 out of 10

I think we all know what the main attraction is to Hooters but we wanted to see if they know how to make a good hamburger.  The locations of this Hooters is the Jacksonville Landing which by itself is a great place to check out and enjoy the view when sitting outside.

But for us the main purpose are not the different views you can enjoy at Hooters but if they know how to make a Hamburger.  Again I would like to point out that for myself I'm looking for the burger that stands out. Sadly the burger at Hooters did not stand out at all.  Even though it was not a bad burger, the first thing that disappointed me was that the burger was not medium cooked as I ordered it.  Second if you look at it from the picture it looked like a burger you can get at any kind of fast food restaurant.  Even though it was their BBQ burger nothing about it was special.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good burger, well average burger.  Compared to all places we have reviewed so far I have to say I was maybe used to very good hamburgers and it will be tough for any kind of restaurant to stand out or even top them.  For sure, Hooters did not accomplish that.

As you can already see from the picture the whole presentation felt fast food to me.  There was nothing special about the bun, nothing special about the burger.  My rating for this place will be 4 out of 10. I was not impressed with it and for sure was not the burger I was looking for, which is the one that stands out of the crowd, this one was just one of them.

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