Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The burgergeeks

Welcome to the BurgerGeeks Blog site.  On this site we share our experiences that we encountered finding the best burger in Jacksonville Florida. The group consists so far of 4 work buddies who one day came up with the question:  What is the best burger in town?
Up to the challenge we thought, well, lets find the best burger in Jacksonville.  Each of us will give their opinion what we thought of the burger we tasted.  We all have different views what makes a good hamburger, but we agreed on that we are looking for to total package.
Was the burger freshly made?
Did the burger represent what was on the menu?
Was the burger out of the norm?
Would we recommend it to our friends?
This will not be a scientific adventure like so many other food blogs are, but just your normal Joe blow giving his honest opinion about a burger.
We are open to any suggestion you might have for a good burger restaurant in the Jacksonville area for us to try.

Thank you for checking us out and hopefully you will enjoy our blog and it will help you find the best burger beautiful Jacksonville Florida.

The BurgerGeeks

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